Devorah Richards, Executive Director

Devorah was born in Israel and raised in Michigan. After high school, she spent a year at Hebrew University, and received a B.F.A. in acting from Wayne State University and a M.A. of Arts from the University of Michigan. Devorah has worked as an actor at the Goodman Theatre, Court Theatre, Steppenwolf, Silk Road Theater, Piccolo, American Theater Company and Polarity Ensemble Theatre. She has appeared in a few films, television, commercials and industrials.

For over 20 years, Devorah led creative and construction teams in the design, production and installation of large-scale trade show exhibits, retail environments, and museums. Her world-class clients included Nike, Motorola, Kraft Foods, Georgia Pacific, Caterpillar, Ameritech and more. Her last position was Vice President of Sales for General Exhibits & Displays.

In 2012, Devorah co-founded Continuum Theater with Elayne LeTraunik, Associate Artistic Director of Genesis Theatrical Productions and Marc Richards, board president.

In 2014, Devorah was awarded a fellowship from PresenTense, an international Jewish social entrepreneurial accelerator program.

Devorah is married and has two children.

Marc Richards, Board President

Marc Richards is a partner at the law firm of Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione practicing in the area of intellectual property law. In the community Marc has been a volunteer with JVS, served as a Board member of the American Technion Society, and served on the JUF Lawyer’s Committee. He is Treasurer for the NSS Beth El Men’s Club and received the honor of Man of the Year in 2016. He served as Advancement Chair for his son’s Boy Scout troop, one of the few Jewish observant troops in Illinois. He has served as various Committee Chairs within his law firm and in several local and international legal bar associations, such as ABA, AIPPI, IPLAC. As a member of Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (IPLAC), he was a Board Member and then Treasurer. Although he has no talent for singing, dancing or acting, Marc is an avid theatergoer and supporter of the arts, and has provided pro bono legal services in the arts community.

Steve Singer, Director, Continuum Music Programs, Board Member

For more than 20 years, Steve Singer has been a contributor to the world of Jewish music in Chicago and beyond. As the musical director of Listen Up! Jewish Vocal Band since 1992, Steve has been engaged with Jewish communities throughout his native Illinois (the US and Canada) as a performer and contributor to community Jewish arts events, educational programs and festivals.

Steve has served on the board of directors of several Jewish organizations, ranging from Chicago’s Congregation KINS of West Rogers Park, Camp Moshava Wild Rose, and most recently Chicago’s Center for Jewish Genetics, where Steve participated as a member of the organization’s 2013-2014 strategic planning steering committee and Medical Advisory Board. As Director of Education and Outreach, at the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), Steve has extensive experience leading a not-for-profit and working with volunteers. He lives in Skokie with his wife and three children.

Key Advisors:

Martin Levine, Principal at Levine Partners Consulting; Past: General Director/CEO at JCC Chicago
Michael M. Lorge,  Founder, Greater Chicago Jewish Festival/ attorney at Bronson& Kahn, LLC

Committed to our growth:

Office Manager
Julie Salako

Marketing & Communications
Michelle Blechman, Marketing Director
Jonathan Lehrer, Dan Greenberger, Richard Engling

Adult Education Advisor
Rabbi Yehoshua Ben-Avraham

Graphic Design
Amanda Good, M. Hurley

Audience Development and Office Services
Lisa Hoffman

Our thanks to those who have given us advice and support along the way:
Susan Padveen, Associate Professor, Columbia College, Theater Department
Amy Frankel, JCC Chicago PresenTense mentor
Wendy Nissen, Financial Manager, JCC Chicago PresenTense mentor
Jeff Baden, Site Director, Bernard Weinger JCC
Ilene Uhlman, Adult Programming, JCC Chicago Susan Abrams, COO, JCC Chicago
Becky Adelberg, JCC Chicago, PresenTense
Toby Rubin, Upstart Chicago
Alicia Gejman, Director of Formal Education, NSS Beth El
Ari Roth, Artistic Director, Mosaic Theatere Company, formerly artistic director at Theater J, Washington, D.C.
Richard Engling, Polarity Ensemble Theatre
David Winitsky, Director, Jewish Plays Project
Bill Rattner, Lawyers for the Creative Arts
Linda Sonen, Director of the Marshall Jewish Learning Center
Rabbi Michael Schwab, NSS Beth El
Rick Schuster, Executive Director, Lakeside Congregation
Luther Goins, Actors Equity
Rachel Kraft, Executive Director, Lookingglass Theatre
David Jordan Harris, Executive Director, Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council
Faye Sholitan, Founder, Interplay Jewish Theatre
Johnny Dwyer, Principal, Firebird Audio

Arts Professionals
Continuum Theater projects are made possible by freelance and volunteer arts professionals: actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, sound, set and lighting designers and technicians, costumers, and more.